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Aurora R5 Need Part Numbers

For some reason I cant get this answer directly.  What are the part numbers for the 850 W Power Supply and the Liquid Cooling System?  Dell keeps telling me they dont have any to sell.  Great.  But because they are not sable to order the part they cannot see or tell me the part numbers.  Come on.  They have to be documented somewhere.  

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RE: Aurora R5 Need Part Numbers



These should be the parts:





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RE: Aurora R5 Need Part Numbers

Though the part numbers you listed were not found on dell part look up to be able to see the actual model number, I however found the stock 850W power supply on a ebay listing. Labeled as part number 48Y6D. However I could not find the water cooler at all, Dell I suggest you add parts to allow us to upgrade the R5, As their is not a lot of upgradability to the R5 On the site but plenty of 3rd party upgrades, that I would even enjoy. I just got the aurora R5 I7 6700 and gtx 1070 with 8gb ram and a 1tb HDD I wanted a ssd and ram upgrade and PSU upgrade as mine is only 460W Stock but there is no options to upgrade???? Why do I have to rely on 3rd party?

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