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Aurora nightmare!help!

Hey guys, recieved my aurora 2 days ago after a 14 day wait, and hours on the end of the phone to Customer Service tracking my item(apparently the courier for Northern Ireland doesnt provide a tracking facitity FYI) finding out why my delivery had not arrived on the delivery date despite the fact I'd got my phone call the night before and taken days of work to wait in for it. When it did arrive it wasnt the courier at the door but a complete stranger who had recieved my rig at a completely different address and signed for it in my name! Anyway to cut a long story short(mainly involving argumentative conversations with the indian 'support' team) unfortunately at this point the item was opened...alarm bells start ringing! I'd waited ages for the item and didn't want to send it back soo soon if it was working ok. Therefore i checked the system and all seemed fine, as in nothing appears to be tampered with. However over the past day or so little things seem to be going wrong, notably;-

1) Both side panel LEDS do not light up almost every other time I turn the rig on, the alienhead and lower centre piece light are however on. The only way i seem to be able to fix this problem is to reboot (usually up to 3 times) before the lights come on. Any suggestions as to a reason/solution for this?

2) I can hear an annoyingly loud humming noise coming from something towards the centre of the rig as if two metallic components are vibrating against each other? I've had a  look around and everything appears well secured, but I've noticed that when i press the side panel towards the rig ( it is locked firmly in place in the first instance) the noise lessens but doesnt disappear? Again suggestions.

Baring in mind this is less than a week old should I really be putting up with these issues? All 'customer services,' would offer me for the hassle regarding the delivery and problems since is a replacement which may take another 3-4 weeks and more days off work waiting for yet another delivery which will hopefully come to the right address this time! Has anyone else had such problems or is this just pure bad luck? Any suggestions as to what i should do regading all this?


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Re: Aurora nightmare!help!

Are you going to keep this one, or are you getting a new one? If keeping this one, I might have some things to try for your two listed issues.

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