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Aurora not factory overclocked

I just recieved my new Aurora today and it was supposed to have the i7 975 Extreme overclocked to 3.6 but it doesn't appear to have that. In the Windows properties it lists it as "975 @ 3.33GHz  3.33GHz". My last machine had the overclocked frequency listed after the default frequency but this doesn't appear to be overclocked. What are the bios settings that should have been set at the factory so it will be overclocked to 3.6Ghz? I'm planning on running CPUID to see if this is an Extreme version of the processor. Not sure if it will tell me or not.

OK - update. I ran CPUID and it reports that it is a 975 Extreme and the Core Speed is at 3607.3ish so it does appear that it is factory overclocked but why does Windows not report it as such?

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Re: Aurora not factory overclocked

If you're speaking of the Windows "System Information," I think it is just showing the stock speed associated with your CPU model--not the actual speed it is running at. 

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Re: Aurora not factory overclocked

Windows just read some data on the processor itself I believe that just tells the system what is is. It is not a dynamic thing so doesnt change when you OC.


By the way, for people thinking of buying a i7 based Alien. I managed to get my i7 920 overclocked to rock stable at 3.6 in around 20 minutes by following some advice I found by my friend Google.

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