Aurora r7 thermal controller crashing

I just got a new aurora r7, and it is working great. The only problem I'm having is that the thermal controller that controls the fans keeps crashing when I play any games on it. This is an issue because I have custom curves set for the fans, and if the controller crashes before the fans get to higher rpms, then they just stay at a very low speed regardless of the component temp. No error message pops up when this happens. This results in my components getting too hot. This only happens in game, otherwise its fine. I've already tried deleting and reinstalling Command Center, and I've also tried updating the BIOS. I tried to set a custom fan profile on speedfan, but it wont recognize any of the fans, only component temps.


I have Command Center version


Intel core i7 8700 3.20 GHz processor


Nvidia Geforce GTX 1080 graphics card

Windows 10 64 bit

Playing on 4K Samsung monitor

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Re: Aurora r7 thermal controller crashing

Hi criticalshot‌,

We recommend using the auto-fan control. This one is meant to work with your current hardware without causing any heat issues. Otherwise, you could try a different control method, but we're unaware of specific software names that will work at 100% with the Aurora R7.
Make sure your BIOS is up to date, and that you're on a clean Windows install, or at least do a clean boot. Perhaps there's a software app causing a conflict in the background.

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Re: Aurora r7 thermal controller crashing

I use auto-fan control. I am using MSI afterburner to set a custom OC and fan control for the 1080ti video card and it moves a lot more air in the case than stock.

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Re: Aurora r7 thermal controller crashing

Thank you for the feedback, however my issue is not overheating, its that the program controlling the fans (alienware thermal controller) continues to crash in games. This doesnt cause the fans to stop completely, they just stay at whatever rpm they were at when they crashed. This causes my components to get hot because the fans wont respond to changes in temp. Ive already tried the auto control, but it doesnt seem to matter what setting I use, because the software keeps crashing.

P.S. Ive discovered that this problem only occurs in certain games, others it operates like it should.

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