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[BIOS/Battery] Help please?!

Hello, someone can help me please? There's my problem: I bought an Alienware m14x at end of 2013 (December), so my battery just died in 2014-2015. I tried to get another battery with Dell, but I had no success. I`m trying to upgrade my BIOS, so this display a message that I need "AC adapter and battery plugged in", and I can't upgrade because my battery died. Someone got a solution? (sorry about my ugly English) Thanks for help anyway.

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RE: [BIOS/Battery] Help please?!


There may be ways of forcing a Bios update without the battery installed but we do not support or recommend doing this. We recommend you purchase a new battery to properly update the Bios. If you have already contacted our sales department and they didn't have this part available, you could try checking with www.ztronics.com or with 3rd party online stores.

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