BIOS Core Voltage Mode Un-changeable + General Performance Issues


I have had my Alienware 17 for some time now, and let me specify that it is a laptop.

Recently, I have noticed that the option to change the core voltage mode in the BIOS has been "greyed out" as they say.

Additionally, I have been recently experiencing performance issues in only mildly intensive video games, and I am frustrated by my capable system's inability to properly perform. I am hereby seeking general advice and expository "anecdotes" so to speak that may assist me on a broad scale, which of course is the nature of my difficulty.

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RE: BIOS Core Voltage Mode Un-changeable + General Performance Issues

I would not be messing with BIOS options. Leave those on Dell defaults.

As for the games performance ...

- Be sure the game is set to use dedicated nVidia card and not the Intel-IGP.

- Be sure laptop is not over-heating (and throttling back).

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