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Battery and Graphic card..

i have alienware m14x..but the battery is fast exhausted..why??and i want play PES 2012 but cannot and it say does not enough vram and gpu..do you know what the solution??

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Re: Battery and Graphic card..

On maximum performance the battery won't last long at all.

Some of the frankensteiner laptops get as little at 12 minutes from their battery, if your battery more more than 9-12 months old, its probably losing capacity.

All my Dell Batteries start to slow degradation after around 9-12 months with many giving less than 30 minutes after 18 months, and being virtually dead after 24 hours. The battery I bought late 2009 currently gives me less than 15 minutes.

Try and see if it works fine on mains power, if it does its likely a battery or settings issue.

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