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Bios is greyed out and I can't make any changes! (InsydeH20)

Alienware m18

My battery malfunctioned so I disconnected it, now the computer can't seem to access the boot drive. I tried reconnecting the battery but to no avail. Diagnostics show everything seems to be working fine, so I figure it is a locked bios issue. 

The only two areas in the Bios that is unlocked is the password reset portion (there was no password) and the unlock Bios portion, but when I try to unlock it it keeps saying "Unlock fail." 

So... the computer "sees" my hard drives but can't seem to access it, and without being able to access the Bios I can't even begin to do anything. 

How do I unlock (ungrey) the Bios? 

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Re: Bios is greyed out and I can't make any changes! (InsydeH20)

Hi chan7007.

my Area 51 R2 Motherboard has a Password Reset Jumper . maybe your Machine has one too. if not, disconnect all Cables, then open your Machine and pull the Coin Cell Battery. then hold Power On Button for a Minute. after doing that all your BIOS Settings should be gone including BIOS Password.

i hope it helps.

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