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Black screen after reboot

I just got an Alienware x51, i7 16G Mem, etc.

I plugged in the monitor: LG 24" w/ hdmi to hdmi cables.  All was well, I used the PC for a day.  The second day, I had some Audio issues (ignore this part) which required a reboot.

I rebooted, which triggered about 71 Windows updates.  I let then run.  Now, after the windows logo on a reboot the screen goes black.  Only the mouse is on the screen.  ctrl-Alt-del allows only reboot.  I have gone through a swath of troubleshooting to no avail: system restore from safe mode.  resetting factory settings, etc.

Is my Video card dead after 2 days of use ?  Not super happy.

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RE: Black screen after reboot

I feel the pain, as I just did the partial reinstall from the same symptom.  I think I miss understood what was happening. 

Probably still installing updates, maybe downloading more too.   I have seen better than five minutes with one small update, altho mine is an Alienware 14.    also possible is you installed video driver from M$, which might cause crash.   

This is what I wrote on another post, from my limited experience, but it worked like this for me.

There is a time, when you first boot up the computer that the screen goes black, and stays black for several minutes while the drivers install.   This can be compounded if your computer has an active internet connection and starts downloading other things.   Surprisingly, the computer can have an active internet wireless, which it might start on its own.  

To install drivers when the normal Windows is not working, you need to get into Windows "Safe Mode."  Windows Safe Mode starts without the Video drivers being used.   To do this, when you first start the computer, before you enter the Password.   Hold down the shift key, and from the power Icon, choose restart.   Hold the shift button down until you get into the other options for start up. 

Some interesting stuff there.   Be careful what you start.  

Do not use M$ update to get Video drivers.  Get Video Drivers from either the Dell Site, or Nividia.   My experience is, do not update Video Drivers, unless you desperately need some feature, speed that they supposedly have.   

Please let us know how it goes, your experience can help others.

Also when you do get it back, save yourself some aggravation by doing a Checkpoint, and a save of the Registry file.

What else I have discovered is to be very thorough about keeping the serial numbers to all the software you have installed.   I am now waiting for Dell to find the Serial number for M$ Office, which came pre-installed on mine.  If I had bought it through M$ itself, they would directly supply the Serial number when I identified myself and my Alienware.   Dell is not prepared to make it so easy, altho I bet they will come through today.

I should say that the black screen for updates is before ever seeing the Windows Desktop, and after the login screen.  

Delll Technical Support has been eagerly helpful in dealing with my issues,   Altho I had to hold back my desire to yell at someone about my issues, and just let them help me.

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RE: Black screen after reboot

Good ideas, but to no avail.  I downloaded the latest drivers from NVidea, still the black screen.  I left it for 30 minutes nothing...

I will call tech support now, that should be fun.  Hopefully they are as helpful as you said they were.

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