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BlueScreen Alienware X51

Any owners of Alienware X51 faces BlueScreen Issues? What happened was when I was using my computer halfway and if i'm listening to music, music starts to get distorted for a few seconds and I got  a blue screen. After that the system restarts itself and unable to boot into windows. It says " Internal Hard Disk drive not found, to resolve this issue try to reseat the drive. No Bootable devices, Strike f1 to retry boot, F2 enter Setup Menu and f5 enter psa. I tried testing using PSA and everything seems to be working fine. This happens almost at least once per day. Can anyone pelase help me?

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Re: BlueScreen Alienware X51



1. AO2 Bios

2. 301.24 BETA Nvidia drivers


 X51/i7-3770GTX670 Phantom-The Shadowy Beast/ 8GB1600 MHz DDR3/ Intel SSD 160GB/ Momentus XT 500GB/Blu-Ray/Samsung Galaxy S3

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