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Bluetooth not updating devices! Unable to pair!

Alienware 15 (purchased in 2015) running WIN10 Anniversary.  Not sure if there was a problem before or not, but I am no unable to link my galaxy S7 or have my laptop find ANYTHING via Bluetooth.  I just went to dell and downloaded the drivers and loaded them up.  Symptoms are the same.  Your PC is searching for and be discovered by Bluetooth devices.  .... .... .... ... .... ..... ...... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ...... ...... .....  I think you get the picture. I never have a list of any devices.  My dell venue 8 pro running windows 10 does a better job of discovering devices, as does my S7.  So, what's the fix??  Please help!  Dell diagnostic even says it's okay, even though it fails to find any other devices.



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RE: Bluetooth not updating devices! Unable to pair!


Send us your Service Tag in a PM so we can look further into this.

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