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Brand New M14, software crashing constantly

Hi all,

I've only received a brand new alienware m14 last week, and since I got it i've had a load of windows 7 64 bit problems.

I had to reinstall windows to try and fix it, but basically after using most software or windows components, ie i'm now clicking the volume button, changing the volume, and then I get a message

Volume Mixer has stopped working

A problem caused the program to stock working correctly. Please close the button

Now when I do this, I get an error message from either werfault.exe or wermgr.exe

I've disabled event reporting, updated everything and run into a brick wall.

Have also been getting warnings about the software being counterfeit, even though i activated it, and i think that's what might be triggering the problem, or a windows update

Has anyone ran into a similar problem?



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Re: Brand New M14, software crashing constantly


Open the Start Menu --> Computer --> C: drive.

Check if you have a folder named Windows.old

If you do, I'd recommend you do a Windows 7 Clean Installation. If not, maybe your just missing some drivers.

Check this list with all the drivers in the correct installation order for the M14x R2.

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Re: Brand New M14, software crashing constantly

Hi Luis,

I don't have the windows.old folder, but i'll try installing the drivers in order and see if that fixes it.



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