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Brand new Mx-17 dead

I just bought an MX-17 and had it fairly well upgraded.  I am in my second week of owning it, never moved it only left it where it has been since unpackaging and the thing has decided to stop working.  Upon power up it only turns on the keyboard lights and then emits a beeping noise from behind the speakers, the beep continues to beep until I turn off the computer.  Someone please tell me what is the issue....

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Re: Brand new Mx-17 dead

Sounds like a hard drive failure although it could also be memory or mobo related. I tend to rule out the mobo due to the keyboard lighting up. Frankly, this is what your warranty is for so you need to get on the phone to Dell support and let the tech run through the diagnostic procedure. Once the culprit has been identified they will replace it.

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