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Broken Alienware m17x r3

So my Alienware m17x r3 suddenly shut down mid use where the screen white with lots of thin grey horizontal lines. On boot the keyboard lights up but the screen stays black and there's 4 beeps.

I did look this up online and read that it might be something to do with the RAM so I took it to both my university IT centre and a compluter repair shop which both tried switching the RAM around as suggested on the internet as well as trying with new RAM with no success.

Is the problem deffinately the motherboard? Because it is unlikely surely that both the RAM connectors have stoped working?

The laptop is now around, probably over, 2 years old and out of warranty.

What should I do now? What is the whole process of sending it in and what are the likely costs?

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RE: Broken Alienware m17x r3


The 4 beeps indicate a RAM failure according to No Post beep codes for laptops. Check the article here.

I recommend you try each of your memory sticks on each slot to check if there's a faulty RAM module or slot in the Motherboard. If this is what they already tried at the repair shop, then send an email to alienhelp@dell.com with your Service Tag, contact information and brief description of the problem you're experiencing. They will review your case and let you know how much it would cost to send the computer in for repair. 

Let me know how it goes!

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