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CC Driver Download

Aurora R4 W7 64bit

About to reinstall the Command Center 3.6 for Desktops - V3.6.5.0, when I view details on the driver download page it shows two downloads drivers, do I install both?

File Format:Update Package for Microsoft® Windows®
File Name:Aurora-R4_Application_P2X37_WN32_3.6.5.0_A04.EXE
File Format:Hard-Drive
File Name:App_DT_AWCC3.6.5.0_W81_W7_Setup_P2X37_ZPE.exe
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RE: CC Driver Download

So here is the page:

They should be the same inside. Looks like one is executable after download, while the other is Zipped-up in a self extracting (.exe) zip file.

Once you get one to work, just stop there.

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