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Can I Use The Graphics Amplifier to Remedy Loud Fan Problem?

It doesn't happen all the time but I occasionally notice in some games my laptop's fan gets loud.  When in normal use there are some tiny little squeaking noises and general mechanical noise that varies with intensity but stays generally low volume.  I have never cleaned the fans in this thing because it seems incredibly difficult and I would likely damage it.  I am interested in getting a professional to clean the fans but I don't want to throw away a ton of money over what may be a minor issue.

Anyway, so it is almost Christmas and I am getting a 1080 to go with my as of now unused Graphics Amplifier.  I intend to use it with a HTC Vive headset.  So essentially I have upgraded the RAM and intend to upgrade the Video Card in this way for the 17R3.

I have several questions:

1) How serious is it that I get these fans cleaned?
2) What is the best way of having this professionally done at the best price?

3) Is the fan loud because its trying to cool the Graphics Card inside the laptop?

4) If the fan is loud because I am using the Graphics Card inside the laptop, does that mean that it will be quieter when I use the Graphics Card in my amplifier?

5) Could using the Amplifier serve as an alternative to cleaning the fans because its putting less strain on the laptop's internal Graphics?

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