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Changing Power Supply in an Alienware Area51 ALX? is it an option?

Hey Guys!

Im back again, with sad news.
Basically, i recently had a huge success with getting the lights to work thanks to a couple of awesome guys here! So i figured this is the best place to come for advice/fixes. 

At the moment everything works on the PC, lights Fins.
Ive been trying to play Assassins Creed 4, at about 10 minutes into the game, it will instantly shut down like its over heating. and turn itself back on.
Does the same thing with other intensive games, Battlefield 4 being one of them.

Ive got HW monitor up on a second monitor and my CPU level isnt going about 35/40 degrees, and my GPU gets to around 75 degrees.

Are these bad temperatures? My graphics card MSI GTX 780 starts to make a squeal noise, its not too loud but loud enough, but ive heard that is coil whine? nothing to worry about? correct me if im wrong, im just going off things ive heard around places. Could it be a problem with the GPU?

I was told from another forum that its most likely a bad power supply and cant handle it, yet i find that hard to believe since Alienware's are built for high end stuff right? including the power supply?

Is it likely everything will work if i change the power supply, because i know about that 10 pin connector for the MIO board which isnt a standard thing...

I Just want to be able to enjoy my pc! Smiley Sad

Thanks again for any help, super appreciated! 

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RE: Changing Power Supply in an Alienware Area51 ALX? is it an option?

So you know my specs

Mobo: Asus P9X79LE
Ram: 16gb Vengeance LP
PSU: Alienware Area 51 ALX 1000w
Windows 7pro x64

Im also finding that the other fan, i think its the PCIe one? doesnt kick in when things start to get hot as well, neither do the fans seem to adjust, i look at the Ambient senors but they still seem to stay around 20 to 30 degrees even when the GPU is like at 75 degrees.

I dunno, im asking noob questions probably. 
Thanks again Guys

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RE: Changing Power Supply in an Alienware Area51 ALX? is it an option?

Dell 1000w PS should be fine for that config (if is working properly and not worn-out). See large sticker on top for voltage/Rail outputs. What does Digital Power Supply Tester show? You might be able to carefully hook it up to extra 12v video card lead while stressing machine.

To 780, try connecting a power plug from 2 different wire color sets (don't use parallel plugs on same wire). This might help to activate more PS rails.

I'm only answering PowerSupply question. You don't really have an Alienware any more. I recommend you participate in MSI and Asus forums.

Try to remove games from equation (push hard some other way). Temps look ok.


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