Charging issues while playing a game with high graphics

Hi. I have an Alienware R17. I bought it in February and have been using it ever since. For the past two weeks I've been facing the issue where, when I play a game with high graphics requirement like Metal Gear Solid V, the laptop faces charging issues and stops charging for a while and during this phase, my screen brightness goes to minimum and my additional equipment like my USB mouse stops functioning. And after like 10 seconds, it starts to charge again and the brightness and equipment start working and the laptop stops charging again and the cycle continues.

I don't why its behaving like that. Also the moment I close the game, everything goes back to normal. I don't know whether its a problem with the cable or with the game or with the battery.



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RE: Charging issues while playing a game with high graphics


Send me a private message with the service tag so I can check the system specs and assist you further!

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