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2 Jasper

Code 32 for processors after Acronis Restore

hi all,

forgive the bad grammar this post is from my smart phone.

ok so i did a test run restoration of my acronis backup softwre to see what problems would crop up so things would go smooth when i had to do it for real. 

everything went well except an mbr error 3 which was ez enough to fix but now i am confused by an error code 32 that is showing up on all 8 of my i7 processors in device manager.  anyone have any idea on how to clear this error? 

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Code 32

A driver (service) for this device has been disabled. An alternate driver may be providing this functionality. (Code 32)Cause

The start type for this driver is set to disabled in the registry.

Recommended resolutions

Reinstall the driver for this device. If this does not work, you might have to change the device start type parameter in the registry.

Uninstall and reinstall the driver

Uninstall the driver from Device Manager, and then scan for new hardware to install the driver again.

You may be prompted to provide the path of the driver. Windows may have the driver built-in, or may still have the driver files installed from the last time that you set up the device. However, sometimes, it will open the New Hardware Wizard which may ask for the driver. If you are asked for the driver and you do not have it, you can try to download the latest driver from the hardware vendor’s Web site.

1.On the device Properties dialog box, click the Driver tab, and then click Uninstall. Follow the instructions.

2.Restart your computer.

3.Open Device Manager, click Action, and then click Scan for hardware changes. Follow the instructions.

Change the start type in the Registry

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Looks like you were correct.  Uninstalling the driver for each logic processor (all 8) and then running Scan For Hardware Changes cleared the error.  Thanks.


Did the Image get Verified during creation? Was the HDD bad or failing?

This should not have happened. As much as I like Acronis (my current version in 2010 and I use it on Windows7-64 and older OSes) ... I have been reading some alarming reviews about the newer versions. If Acronis has become too bloated or un-dependable, it might be time to switch to a different vendor.

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Was similar failures have occurred, perform as instructed, went well. I'm very much obliged to you.


Tesla, I am running Acronis 2012 with Plus Pack (Build 7119) and yes I too have read that it is bloated (didn't have 2010 so I can't compare).  What I found out with the latest update that if, for example, I "restore" by clicking recover from the Backup and recovery screen for the particular version, it reboots starts it own system but immediately reboots into windows, If I go to the Recover screen and select the version to recover it works.  Also had some problems with bare metal restore and had to use and older Acronis Back-up disk to do that.  Hopefully the company is reading their Forum and take appropriate action for the next release, as many poeple there complain about the "bloated" issue for 2011 and 2012..

However, I have not run into the issue reported in this thread and I agree, that should not happen in fact it would have to be a corrupted file (e.g. registry) which could result in Windows not starting at all. Aside from my problems when Acronis proceeded to intall every restore worked flawlesly. I do always verify each image.


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