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Command Center Issues-Thermal Controls and AlienFX

I had an issue relating to the command center. Twice this has happened to me when updating Nvidia graphics card drivers (2x Nvidia GeForce 545 gt) the solution may be as simple as turning off the computer, disconnecting the power and pushing the power button to discharge power from the board. However each time I have experienced these issues I have also found that I needed to fully uninstall the command center AND the GPU drivers. (Also any previous driver versions for the GPU) then Shutdown and discharge the power from the board upon restart, re-install only the latest drivers and NOT THE PREVIOUS VERSIONS! If that doesn't work... try different combos.  

The other command center issue is with the Advanced Themes in AlienFX: I was one of the lucky ones to experience the boot to black issue. I wont go into too much detail here as ther eare other threads for this. However, needless to say if you have this issue diable any advanced themes in AlienFX AND unplug ANY USB 3.0 devices from your machine.

I like Tesla1856 hope that someone at Dell, (and at Alienware) is paying attention to this problem. This is to much of a nuance but it happens WAY TOO OFTEN! I'm surprised we haven't heard more about this...

Oh yeah... BTW> I Forgot You should also delete the "Alien Re-spawn" re-packaging of Dell DataSafe. It will screw with your board as well. Almost made 2 grand worth of Adobe software worthless until I figured it out. This is not unique to "re-spawn" either had the same issue on a dell precision m6600 as well.

Dell- Stop filling us up with bloatware. If you can do it in the OS why would you make a program with less features and functionality to run outside that. If you really want to sell your cloud services make them user friendly and accessible...

Aurora R3, Windows 7 Pro, Intel i7-2600k @ 3.4 GHz to 4.1 GHz, 2x Nvidia geForce 545 GT, 16 gig RAM 

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Re: Command Center Issues-Thermal Controls and AlienFX

Not sure why CommandCenter conflicts with nVidia drivers or their Driver Control Panel (I don't use nVidia on this machine) but there have been previous reports over the years of CommandCenter conflicting with Zune apps and others.

Advanced Themes sounds like a separate issue. I don't use them.

Yes, I also don't like Dell DataSafeLocal (or AlienRespawn or whatever they are calling it this week). For me, it just stopped recognizing my Recovery Partition. For others, it seems to have been causing lockups and BSODs (especially in R3s). I wrote a post once on how to kill the Services and then un-install it (search for it). The other day, a user in the XPS section was also reporting system-wide problems with it. I recommend users use something more reliable (like Acronis or similar).

Thanks for taking the time to report your findings and work-arounds.

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Re: Command Center Issues-Thermal Controls and AlienFX

Hmm. I have Nvidia 580 and also run the system monitor form Nvidia and have had no problems at all with it conflicting with ACC (knock on wood). I have updated the driver's twice since I got the R3 in October. I always install the drivers from the Nvidia website and use the advanced options. I check the box that says remove the old drivers and perform a clean install or something similiar to that.

Could it be something to do with SLI drivers? Are they different?  

I will follow this to see what other people say.

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