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I know this will sound silly to some, but I have a question about the "image" of the Alienware Laptop within the Command Center in the AlienFX section.

I recently had the Hard Drive that shipped with my M17x R2 start to corrupt and fail. I had to replace the Hard Drive, and soon after had a few minor problems after re-installing/restoring the system software. I had to re-install the Command Center..  I did first uninstall the old version, downloaded and installed the newest version, but still had a problem. I had to eventually use Alien Contact to resolve the issue with the help of an Alienware Tech Agent, BUT in the process the Tech Agent had to delete some of the Alienware Command Center "Keys" in the registry. When doing so, I noticed that what was the original color of my M17x R2 ... Lunar Silver... now had changed to Bright Nebula Red. I am just wondering if it had anything to do with the deletion of a specific "KEY" in the Registry and if there is a simply solution to just change it back to the original Lunar Silver in the AlienFX Command Center. Silly I know, but like many Alienware computer owners I am very particular about my system and like everything to be as perfect as possible! Iknow theres a solution out there somewhere and Im sure that all systems are shipped with that detail in mind for the customer. 

Thanks for reading, any help or insight on this simple, silly matter is much appreciated.


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Re: Command Center

Hello Chris,

When the files for the AlienFX are deleted from the registry and from the C:/ drive, the initial configuration for the lights is deleted as well. The only thing I can think of that would set it back to the same as when you first received the system would be restoring the computer back to factory settings, but since the HDD was replaced, the partition with the factory image is not there anymore. You can just set up a theme and save it.

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