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Computer stuck in start up...

Me again I'm afraid...

My computer, a Aurora R4, suffered two blue screens crashes, which I figured was due to a recent Windows 7 update and when I tried to load a Restore point I found out my computer was one of those that been deleting them. So I ran ePSA diagnostic just to be safe, thankfully everything came back green, after which I set my Alienware computer aside, unplugged, during the week until could work on it.

Sadly now when I try to turn the computer on the front lights, the lights that surround the square where the DvD bay is, will turn on and the fans kick on, but no side running lights and the monitor stays blank. At first the the computer ran for a few seconds then rebooted itself, but then it just stayed stuck like described above and I had to unplug it to turn it off.

I have open the case and booted it up to make sure all the visible fans were running, which they were. Also I reseated the memory and hard drive on the off the chance they came loose. But nothing worked.

Any help would be very appreciated!


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RE: Computer stuck in start up...

Hi Wispr,

Please send me a private message with your Service Tag and contact information so I can assist you further. 

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