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Constant Crashes, Same Errors.

Hi, for a while now my Alienware has had a tendency to randomly crash, often within the first 10 minutes of loading it up. Now not being computer savvy I have spent the last two weeks looking at different issues, most saying to figure if it's software or hardware.

(As a side note everytime it crashes it seems to become louder for a second before a clicking is heard inside, the computer still remains active but all video and sound freezes and vanishes)

I've backed up my whole computer to an external hard drive just incase and created my recovery disk but I have no idea whats going on.

I've tried all the Dell test programs which say the tester couldn't complete, and my computer keeps giving warning messages of:

  • Troubleshoot a problem wiith your computer's hard disk
  • Solve a problem with NVIDIA Graphics Driver

As mentioned before I am not computer savvy, does this mean I have to get these parts replaced? Will this cause issues? If they are needing replacing is there a way to have someone who knows what they are doing look at it?

Please Help as this is taking alot of my time from Uni studies to try and sort!

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RE: Constant Crashes, Same Errors.

I will recommend you to run a PSA diagnostic to verify all the hardware is fine. Uninstall the video card driver, download the latest version you find in the Dell support site and install it again.

As well check the system temperature when is stress up and when is idle just to make sure is not overheating. 

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