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Cpu overheating in m17xr4 -Project Cars

I upgraded my gpu to 980m, hard drives to 2tb and ram to 32gb. I left my i7 2.7ghz cpu (overclocked to 3.49ghz)

My laptop plays games as smooth as ever until it suprises me when the cpu overheats and shuts off unexpectedly (well you can normally hear it coming when the fans are about to blow themselves out the back of my laptop). I did reapply thermal paste the the cpu and that helped it last a little longer but it still overheats quickly.

This normally happens on project cars and read its because of the physics that that game requires. Other games that are less cpu intensive run like a dream.

Is there any way to reduce the stress/heat on my cpu without reducing performance? Lowering the clock to 2.7ghz seems like the most obvious solution but it only really happens when playing games with a lot of physics in it. I dont have a whole lot of money to spend since i just dropped $2.5k on upgrades and will be going to college soon. Any possible ways of pushing the physics computing onto the gpu?

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RE: Cpu overheating in m17xr4 -Project Cars


We do not support that type of configuration on the Alienware M17x R4 laptop system since it can lead to overheating problems or crashes. To help with the overheating problem, perhaps you can try using a cooling pad. 

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