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Damaged ram or motherboard ?


I have an Alienware m14x r2 which i dropped on the floor. When i tried to start the laptop, the error message was - Check cable connection. 

Upon running the ePSA , it showed that it was unable to read my hard disk. I bought a new ssd hard disk and when i tried to re-install Windows 7, the error message is - Disk read error. Press Ctr Alt Del to restart and Windows Boot Manager shows the error - 0x00000e9

When i run the ePSA with 2x8gb ram sticks the error code that appears is 2000-0122. Validation code 71732. Validation code 121030.

But if i run the ePSA test with either single ram stick, it passes the test.

Memtest86+ on both ram sticks show a pass.

Would like to know if getting a new set of ram would solve my problem or i would have to replace other parts eg the motherboard.

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RE: Damaged ram or motherboard ?


Treat each RAM stick separately on each slot.

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