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Defective Alienware 17 R3

I consider myself a longtime Alienware customer being on my 4th laptop however it seems I'm out of luck this time. The three laptops before this 2016 17 R3 had zero issues and I never had to call into their support.

However even since I received this one in July 2016 the MS Office key they sent was compromised, the keyboard lighting wasn't working, they tried replacing the motherboard to fix this after which I have an issue with it getting stuck in a reboot loop during POST, then they replaced the motherboard again which didn't fix the issue but rather introduced another issue where my USB printer and 3.0 hub are not being detected and no longer working.

What further infuriates me is they require some 3 hardware replacements in a month in order to get an exchange laptop, which is a losing cause considering the turnaround time for one motherboard is 10 days!

Anyone else had *** luck and experience with support like mine?

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RE: Defective Alienware 17 R3

I cant claim good luck. In the month I've had my 17r3 I've gotten a new screen due to really bad light bleeding. New screen is perfect though. That's some good luck.

On Christmas Day i got a present from dellalienware in the form of a laptop that shut off spontaneously and never turned back on. I just had the motherboard replaced and so far so good. I noted the replacement motherboard was a revision 2 while the original was r1.

I've used the laptop for just a bit now and its been working as expected so it's not all bad luck.

It's under warranty, send it into depot instead of using the onsite support. Most techs don't do well taking this system fully apart to replace the motherboard. If you do have an onsite tech do the replacement take the opportunity to replace the thermal paste with some good stuff.

That's my 2 cents

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RE: Defective Alienware 17 R3

k not gonna lie about.. 2008  till now..  so 9 years?

ive had good bad and shoot me now experiences and much in that order in 2008  it was great and seemed to dive off as years rolled on...  

the outsourced techs ive  had excellent one was certified apple tech, and close friend at that..  trusted him..

tech drives bad damaged civic handling my 3k laptop...  scratch bash bang,  now it dosent even work..

yet they keep sending same guy to try and fix it.. argh..  finally took it apon myself to learn the laptop,  I give dell props they will send you parts if you want to swap yourself and I thank the useless techs for making me do such and learning more..

recently support had been 40/60  for  me hard to understand  mostly but even that seems to gotten  better ..

I  guess it depends on what day you call  .. haha  I deal with dell business once and a while at  work.. what a difference from consumer I must say .. haha

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RE: Defective Alienware 17 R3

Does anyone know how I can escalate my issue? The front line tech support said they escalated the case but I'm not getting any replies to my emails now and when I call in they wanna start troubleshooting from scratch? I'm really frustrated...

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Re: Defective Alienware 17 R3

We have been long time computer users both desktop, laptop and tablets. We have really liked all Alienware computers but the 17R3 has been a huge disappointment. We purchased two in March 2016 and have had nothing but issues with them locking up, shutting down and over heating  Mine had to have the motherboard replaced in August 2016 which resolved most of the issues but occasionally still locks up.  However my husbands computer has now stopped working like mine did last year so we know it is the motherboard gone bad.  Sadly his waited till the warranty ran out.  

I have used computers since late 1970's and never had to have any of them serviced EVER!   I actually out grown them and pass them down to be used by others who cannot afford computers and many are still going strong today. BUT these two laptops have been nothing but being a pain in my side.  

The bad motherboards were a known issue last year and no longer being used. As soon as the issue was known there should have been a recall to replace motherboards for your customers to prevent future issues. When they replaced my motherboard there should have been an offer to replace my husbands as well.

 I should not have to pay to replace this motherboard which is a known issue.  Someone needs to respond in a positive way to keep long time customers happy.  On a side note can anyone give me the name of another computer company to use besides Dell or Alienware? I am ready to move on to a better company and prefer to not build mine own. 

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