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So i ordered my area-51 on oct 23, prpopsed delivery date of 11/30 ( 5 weeks).  delay 1, no email no phone call... it was delayed 1 week 12/7.  I called and was given no reason or appology as to why it takes 6 weeks to build a cookie cutter computer.  i had no upgraded parts. i only added a monitor and the WoW install.  Delay 2 no email, no phone call delayed to 12/14.  (happened today)  I called and complained, they "expedited my order" and still gave me no reason why it takes 7 weeks to build a computer.  I would think that Dell/Alienware would WANT my $2,500, and if it gets delayed again ill take my money to HP/VooDoo.  Just had to get that out there.

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9 days yeah right, ive been waiting since oct 23rd...


9 days yeah right, ive been waiting since oct 23rd...

I believe you, I am just reading from the Dell website.

This is a reasonable question to ask though - why are some orders done so quick, while others are lagged? I never could understand this.


Things I learned about Alienware from look inside:

"The first step is to gather all of the parts. Each part for each system is pulled from the shelves by a real live person and placed into a bin waiting to by hand-assembled by a single Alienware employee. (And for those of you who have waited for systems on order, and you find yourselves wondering how that affects your system, we are told that a system is not “pulled” until all the parts for it have arrived. So if something is out of stock, your system is not built part-way and then placed on a shelf until they can complete it – which is great.)"

...and since Alienware is not really part of Dell (same build area), predicting delays could be difficult, and times to ship could be off as well.


EDIT: Well I was wrong. Dell does everything now, besides tech support. So the system is in Dell's hands now, not Alienwares.... :(

This isn't good :(


More info that I found out:

"In Sept 2009- Dells Studio XPS line of computer experienced long delays in shipping, with some costumers waiting over 7 weeks or more from their computers. As of December 1st, 2009 many of those laptops have still not been shipped. Customer support has given no conclusive answers for the delays as reported on Dells own community blog. The Federal Trade Commission has stated over the phone that the best course of action against the companies behavior is to call and file a report. The more reports, the sooner the FTC will start an investigation into the matter."


"Dell's desktop plant in Austin, Texas was shut down in 2008. It closed its desktop manufacturing in Labanon TN in early 2009. The last major U.S. plant in North Carolina is scheduled to close in January, 2010. It marks the end for most of Dell's personal computer manufacturing in the United States. It's expected that most of the work carried out in North Carolina will be transferred to contract manufacturers in Asia, though Dell said some of the work will move to its own factories overseas."

Looks like there are so many desktops, but no one to build they are moving the work overseas :/


This is a interesting question to ask - how come others get theres pretty quick, and other it takes forever even though they have the same setup?


This is the question that should be asked, placed my order on Nov 28th..took advantage of the free $200 in upgrades, still nothing fancy. Basic Aurora system, upgraded memory to 12GB, hardrive to 750GB, and added a TV tuner. It also has the GTX260 video card. As of this morning it's showing shipped.


The 28th and already shipped? I would love to know how that one was managed...



All is talk about delays is scaring me away from Alienware.....

I cant take the chance of buying a product and waiting for months.



Its the holiday season, and there are bound to be screw ups (like any other company).


However this is what Dell has to say about ship dates:

"As a mail order rule company we can only provide the estimated ship date only."


So there are quite a few will get there system without any issues, however the more popular the components of the system, the least likely you will get it on time.


holiday season!



holiday season!



Please post your specs in my post, so hopefully we can try to get to the bottom of it...


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