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Dell Support, A very wonderful experience.

I'm sure any other Alienware owners have seen the horror stories of receiving your actual system and the long arduous process of dealing with support if there is any issue.

However, I've had a very different experience with my order. I contacted customer support to check up on the production of my Alienware x51 on Monday and Wednesday this week to see if I should be expecting any delay due to part availability. The dell agents in chat were so friendly and responsive it was amazing to have an actual conversation. I just got off the phone with another dell employee that informed me that my Alienware has been shipped and should arrive tomorrow morning. She is even calling back Monday to make sure I've received my computer and everything is running smoothly. To me that is going beyond the call of duty, have any of you ever received a call from a company just to make sure that you know about your order? I have got to say I was dreading the purchase of my Alienware after the internet reviews but the process has been so effortless, easy, and amazing I absolutely love it. Dell, you have exceeded every expectation I could think of. I am very glad I chose to spend the extra money to get a Alienware rather than to build it myself. This whole experience was nothing like what I read online.

Thank you.

Have any of you had similar smooth experiences with Dell when purchasing your Alienware?

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RE: Dell Support, A very wonderful experience.


Boy I am going to hazard a guess that you are located in the US.  Perhaps not; however I can attest to having the same level of support and courtesy over the past year since I purchased my X51 R1 in December of 2012. Had several issues that included WiFi card and antenna replacement as well as a Motherboard replacement.  All were followed up by both emails and return followup phone calls.  I have always been a firm believer in that people treat you the way you treat them.  I follow this forum regularly and judging from how some of its members write up their experiences and the manner and tone of their emails, I am almost of the opinion that they call Customer Support having a bad attitude and then expect Customer Support to massage their egos with great service.  Glad to hear some goods things said about them and your request to hear about great service stories.  Think forums for the most part are like the media in general in that they like to publish the bad news and almost never mention the good. Have a Great Day!!!!! 

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RE: Dell Support, A very wonderful experience.

I have also had excellent results with not only ordering my R4, but also from the support after I got the computer. The computer was actually DOA, but Alienware had a tech out the next day and had things working. While going though the ordering process I as called twice from Alienware to give me the progress and also when the computer was shipped. I agree very much with what DJOHNH said about not having a bad attitude when you call.Treat the CSR like you would like to be treated and things will work out fine. I haven't had to call for support in 15 months and am glad nothing has changed.

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