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Desktop Battery Mode almost killed my R9 m290x Twin Cards - Fans still not working

I love my Alienware 18, its a massive beast that always gets noticed (hehe, i take it to meetings).

Last evening after a day of using the laptop on power and sometimes on battery, i got home and connected it to my 2 Asus monitors (28inch 4k). All was fine for about 5 mins then the pc switched off. 

Touching around the power button i discovered it was very hot, almost burning. So I let it cool for about 30mins and switched on.

On reboot it immediately crashed with an error and i promptly disconnected the monitors and tried again. This time it booted but there was only one graphics card in device manager (Intel(R) HD Graphics  4600).

I found I couldnt install the AMD drivers as the sytem reported that there was no amd hardware!!!. googling i  found that i have to use the Shift FN +F5 keys to reactivate the M290x cards. This worked.

HOwever after 5 mins pc shut down again. too hot. I checked on next boot and found the Fans were not spinning! - I read a similar issue where desktop battery mode was the culprit see http ://forum.notebookreview.com/threads/help-alienware-17-ranger-r9-m290x-gpu-failure-gpu-fan-failu...

As of this writing i've tried

a) clearing everything with amd cleanup utility and reinstalling,

b) tried clearing and installing drivers in Safe mode - this doesnt work as the Catalyst drivers at the dell site wont install due to detection utilitiy not being able to start and trying using the Radeon Crimson drivers says the driver is unsigned. the usual bcdedit.exe ....... commands to allow unsigned drivers doesnt work in safemode.

The question.

Anyone have any idea how to get the fans running again? - I have installed GPU-Z and can confirm the fans arent spinning.

I'm totally at loss what to do now and i'm using this beast only in the Intell 4600 Graphics mode.

Thanks for taking time to read this long question.

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