Re: Disappointed and Distressed

All I can say is keep emailing them. They have taken ownership of this and asked me to step aside.

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Re: Disappointed and Distressed

Chris has said they have are looking into it, since this is your point of contact, I can understand them not emailing, and expecting you to standby.

This is in no way a legal opinion or provided as advice, this is just how I would see it from dell's side was it my business.

I asked you to send 2 packages back, and arranged couriers for 2 packages.

You put 2 into one packet.

The courier was expecting 1 barcode, so has scanned the one label and then UPS apply their own labels, and this becomes the sole label they scan, any others are ignored. So 1 package, 1 barcode, 1 tracked, which happens to be the cards.

You inform my rep you sent it back all in 1 go, they agree to a refund pending receipt of said package. The package is received, and they push the refund.

The refund arrives at my desk for me to sign off, I note we are expecting 2 packages and only 1 arrived, so I reject the refund.

This is where you are stuck, and honestly this point is totally on you.

Now assuming this was my multi-national, and all returns are processed by a 3rd / 4th / 5th company,

Route 1 is collection and sorting centre, they ship them to a dismantling company to break them into parts which then get shipped to my parts centre where they are scanned onto the system.

Route 2 is a collection and sorting as above, only this time systems are shipped testing company, and prepare them for my outlet shop, then they are shipped to outlet and put onto the system.

Route 3 is the collection and sorting, who have a package which contents don't match the RMA, these are put to one side until someone can manually sort them, build and inventory and resume route 1+2.  Once the correct inventory is built and sent to me, to find out what is happening. I would then pass it onto my rep, who needs to contact parts and outlet to verify all which was received, and contact the registered owner.  

Up until one of these routes is played out, as far I would be concerned, you still have the missing item, only suddenly pop there it is scanned into parts and outlet, it comes back to me to verify and ok your payment.

So now you contact me while the package is still in the collection and sorting centre, I now need track down the package for a visual inspection because the barcodes YOU provided say its only graphics cards, so I need to get eyes on the package.

This seems to be where you would be upto if you bought off me and returned it this way.

All I can say is, Chris has confirmed your case has been taken up, and assuming Dell run their company like I  would, its going to take a little time, which isn't really Dell's fault to be blunt.

While I'm with you they offered a refund, and should go thru with it, I'm also with them that you complicated the process so you should wait to be fair.

Again go be clear this is NOT legal advice, I'm not a solicitor, but I'd say legal the ball is in your court to prove you sent the item and didn't just sell it and try and rip dell off. The refund was on condition you returned the items, which the courier says they never collected, so legally you'd be hard pushed in my untrained opinion.

Be patient and give Dell a chance to work through the situation you have a significant part in creating, you have to accept some responsibility for the delays here.

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Re: Disappointed and Distressed


I completely understand where you are coming from.  If that is the process I can see now why it would take as long as it has.  However, We are talking about 3 months now.  I am not sure about you but I would think the issue would be resolved by now.  Also the lack of communication is what irks me.  I would be fine waiting if they would just contact me and let me know what they are doing.  As of right now I feel like a forgotten customer where they have control of my PURCHASED computer and my money neither of which they are willing to part with at this time.  

As far as my mistake.  I fully admitted my mistake / part in this.  However, I am not a billion $ company.  I am a loyal customer that has had 1 problem after another and has had over a year of downtime in the 5 years of owning their products.  I am also the customer that has had no previous history of not having any issues with returns of their equipment when they did 6 other replacements (7th being the one I just recently sent them).  

I understand having to wait for a small period of time regarding this issue while they hunt down the product/products that I shipped back to their depot / dismantling stations.  My fear however, is that they opened up the big box packed with alienware equipment and just started to sort it out and dismantle without "setting it side due to the RMA being wrong" as you put it.  If that is the case what then?  The other question is why wouldn't they just send it back to the the sender if the contents were wrong?  Had they done that I would have been able to correct my mistake and then sent it back in 2 packages vs 1.

Again,  my thought was to simplify the return by making sure both tracking labels for both returns were in the same box to make it easier on getting everything cleared up.  Everything in 1 box ensured that everything got there without needing to hunt down the other package.  Or at least that was what I thought.  Stupid as it may sound (yes indeed it was stupid) it was the choice I made.  Part of me understands that they may not return my computer or even give me my refund from a business standpoint as you stated but the other part of me is like what the heck! I gave them money, I held up my end of the bargain and now I have nothing to show for my purchase.  Now obviously the feeling of being cheated or even that I made a stupid mistake I am being punished even though in the end they actually have possession of the computer and graphic cards but due to their massive size a small little bump by sending in 1 big package vs 2 small packages gets crushed without even realizing it.

I guess in the end I am just hoping for someone in dell to actually have a little compassion and understanding about my situation even thought this mess was caused by a small lapse of common sense on my part.  

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