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Does Alienware Aurora R4 Motherboard work without daughter board?

After some research, it seems most of my Alienware Aurora's parts will fit if I was to move them into a new case. But I have ran into a issue of knowing whether the motherboard will operate in a new case without the daughter board.

I know that the daughter boards controls fans and lights that are on the AW chassis. But will the motherboard work in a new case without its daughter board. 

Any advice appreciated, if you have any experience in moving AW parts into a new case. Please let me know if there's any major issues I will run into. 


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RE: Does Alienware Aurora R4 Motherboard work without daughter board?

I don't have experience moving Aurora parts into a different case, I've helped think it through though. In this post we talked about the AlienKooler. since the Aurora motherboard only has one fan header but the pump & radiator fan each would like power, which is of course supplied through the daughterboard & top light strip, so you have to think through getting constant 12volt  power to the kooler pump, or change to a new cpu fan/sink. The short answer is the mthrbrd can surely operate independent of the mi/o board.  

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