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Does everyones Aurora have audio interference?

Me and a few others who have the new Aurora are picking up a lot of audio interference in the front audio jack, even when the audio is muted. Does anyone have the new Aurora and experience no interference in the front audio port? I'm wondering if this is a wide spread issue. We are all using the onboard audio.


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Re: Does everyones Aurora have audio interference?

I know this is an old message, but a future Aurora owner might be alarmed by the fact that no one answered. Surely the OP is looking for people with systems that are working properly.

I just got mine June 2010. It's working fine now. This is with simple analog stereo headphones plugged into the top/front port.

While I did notice a slight "swirling" background noise during quiet passages as Crysis played it's various intro sequences, it's not doing it now. It seems to have been corrected with my last update of the Command Center (v

I would also like to mention that while I did notice it, I was concerned but not alarmed. Interference is to be expected with analog audio. I think all my computers do it to some degree. That's why analog is legacy and we have SPDIF and USB ports (for USB headphones) for audio on the PC now.

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Re: Does everyones Aurora have audio interference?

I've only had my system for four days, but I have to say after putting it through a few tests and games, I find it flawless for the most part.  No audio anomolies at all.

PC Model: Aurora
Bios version: A.08
Command Center version:
Processor: i7 920
Ram: 6GB TriChan DDR3
Video Card: 2x5670 ATI Radeon Xfire
Video Card Driver version:
Sound Card: On Board Realtek HD Audio
Hard Disk Drive: Western Digital 1TB HDD
Optical Drive: PLDS DVD+-RW DH-24AAS
Monitor: Dell ST2310 Wideview
Keyboard: Alienware SK-8165
Mouse: Alienware optical
Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium (64bit)

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