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Error reinstalling Win 7 on mx14 = Hard drive not NTFS format.

Good Afternoon Community!

I thought I would reach out to the forum community here before I make the call into tech support for assistance. About 6 months ago I bought this Alienware mx14 and have been in love with it out of the box. However lately it was necessary for me to reinstall Win 7 after a blue screen with no recovery. I attempted to use the restore cd that came with the laptop and came across an error that had stated my Hard drive was not in "NTFS" format. After consulting a few documents on line trying to sort out the problem or at least identify the problem I have done the following.

Self assessment test complete with no errors found. Accessed from F12 > Boot Options
F8 to access Alienware Respawn does not work. I press it at the "intro" screen with no result.
To be perfectly honest I don't remember backing anything up to Respawn at all as I backed up all important files via external hard drive.

I am not too sure what it is I need to do in order to re install Win 7 on my machine being the two most popular methods are not working out for me at all.

If anyone has questions or needs clarification on the matter by all means ask away. If there are any additional steps that I might be missing a step, or some on line resource I might have accidentally overlooked. Please let me know. Thank you in advance for the time I really appreciate it!

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Re: Error reinstalling Win 7 on mx14 = Hard drive not NTFS format.

Doesn't Win7 give you the option during setup to format the drive in NTFS?

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