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Extreme Fan Problems (Alienware 13)

Ok, so for Christmas I got an alienware 13 laptop.  Everything was working fine for about a day, until the day after I got it.  So I was in a Skype call, and for about 20 minutes everything was fine, the battery of the laptop was fully charged, and everything was running smoothly...  Until in my headphones I heard a really loud fan noise, and I started to lag, and then my call paused.. This has continued to happen for the entire day, every 30 seconds, with no sign of stopping...  Please help me fix this problem so I can get back to gaming and talking to friends!

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RE: Extreme Fan Problems (Alienware 13)

Can you please monitor the temperatures and tell me both CPU and Video Card's Temperatures while in IDLE and while using Skype?

You can use HWMonitor to check on the temps.

If you can submit a pair of screenshots would be even better.


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