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Extremely Poor Customer Service and probably never buying from Dell Again

First off, I want to mention that I am not someone who usually goes on forums as such, or leaves reviews, ratings or feedback on the product regardless of how good or bad the product has been. 

But my recent purchase of an Alienware laptop was the most horrendous experience I have had with any company and it has annoyed me so much that I feel like I have to vent my anger and frustrations here, since other than that I cannot do thing. Why? Because Dell have cornered me into this.

I am a college student who ordered an Alienware (with the promotional TV that comes with it) on August 12th which the expectation that the laptop would reach me by August 27th as stated by their website. My school started on September 1st. The TV came in a week or so after I made the order, no problem.

The laptop then gets delayed ( like a day or two before I was supposed to get it) for September 4th. I call them up and they say that a piece is missing and that they require additional time to receive that piece, etc, etc. They offer me a $100 coupon and expedited shipping so you know, I was happy with that, couldn't complain or anything. Expedited shipping would guarantee a few days saved or perhaps Sept 1/2 was when I was expecting it. 

I then call them on September 2nd because the website still said 'still in production' and I was getting worried and this is when the frustration started to build up. They said it is true that the order would not be able to make it for the Sept 4th deadline and they would get back to me within the next 48 hours. So I waited again, and then they send me an email stating it would be September 22nd!!!. That is well over a month since I made the order and almost a month after I was supposed to get it. I try and try again to call them but apparently they were going through some software update or whatever that meant. All I knew was that they could not pull my data and could not help me. Today it is September 7th when I was finally able to reach them after days of not being able to accommodate me and I ask them what they can do for me, and all I get offered is a MEASLY $120 coupon. 

So my options were: A) To cancel my order which would have meant 1. I wasted my time of 2 months buying this laptop with the TV. Not only I was not able to cancel promtly due to their poor customer service and lack of accurate prediction in when their laptops actually reach their owners. Why do you lie to your customers??? Not only once but twice. I am now already in college and need a laptop ASAP. I really want to cancel the order but I feel like I am being held hostage, because I already opened the TV and promised it to a friend and also do not want to waste time ordering another laptop and all the time that goes with that.

My other option B) Where I receive the laptop September 22nd almost a month after the initially predicted August 27th with a MEASLY 120$ coupon for the dell shop. And who knows, I might not even get it then.

DELL, you misinformed me about when I was going to receive my laptop and had I known it was going to take so long, I would have not ordered it. I tried and called customer service and whoever I was supposed to and DO NOT feel content. I feel like I am powerless to do anything else now. I really respected the Dell brand and was really looking forward to getting my firstAlienware. Suffice to say I will probably not be getting anything else from Dell in the future.

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