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Factory Reset


I have a problem with my mid 2013 M17X laptop and i was hopping someone here can help me.

I just want to make a factory reset which is not that simple i see.

I had windows 8 on my machine and upgraded to window s 8.1.

had alienrespawn updated to the last version.

So what i did.

restarted the system holding shift key pressed ( same thing as F8 at boot time ).

entered  troubleshooting menu and advanced options and surprise. nothing there.

just the restore default options of win 8.1

after downloading dell datasafe program and installing it ( i admit i didn;t uninstall previous version ) which uninstalled alienrespawn and installed again, i now have on advanced menu dell datasafe recovery options. but it said that the partition is corupted.

after that i went to alienrespawn and on recovery didn't find the restore to factory option that i find on the internet. so i found create factory reset media. so i hit factory reset media creation.

after this my alienware laptop has the partitions in the attached image.

now when i go to F8 menu at dell datasafe and recovery i get only the latest image that alienrespawn created ( and that's an image created at that point and not the factory *** reset option )

All i want is to get back to factory settings.

From what i see none of the original recovery partitions have been harmed.

I didn;t harm any of them voluntarily.

So please can someone help me with this?

i will provide any other necessary info.


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RE: Factory Reset


Unfortunately, it appears like the recovery partition has become inaccessible. It’s hard to determine what may have corrupted it but the only way of accessing this partition is by launching the Alien Respawn program and selecting the restore to factory option in Windows or by going to the troubleshooting menu (holding shift key while restarting) and selecting the Alien Respawn option in the advanced options.

Since you have already tried running Alien Respawn both ways without success, we recommend you do a clean installation of Windows using the Windows media that you may have received with this system. This way you can get rid of all of the partitions and create new ones. Once you have installed Windows, you can install the Alien Respawn program again and it will begin to create a new recovery partition on your Hard Drive. Click here for the Alien Respawn download link. Let us know if you have any questions. 

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