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Hi, got an M15X, didnt buy from dell bought from overclockers.co.uk when they were on offer. Got a 3 year warranty with it. Not sure if its out of date or not, cannot access my service tag on the site for some reason tried all the different browsers etc and the daft little sticker on the bottom has fallen off.

It worked before as I had the same problem I'm having now and they came out replaced the heatsink and GPU. Serious overheating issues with the GPU going in to limp mode, apparently this was a common problem I cant see any posts or fixes about it other than 3 year old blogs about a BIOS fix that upped the fanspeed to 5400 rpm. I've flashed the bios to latest one hasnt helped.

M15X is as follows:

Intel i7 Q720@1.6ghz

4gb RAM

Windows 7

Geforce GTX 260M


But since I cant see whether its under warranty or not as the Dell site will not pick up my laptop even though it will let me run diagnostics on it. If its not I'm not bothered I will replace the heatsink and GPU however I would like to know if there are any other fixes for it and if I can find out my service tag any other way.





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