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GTX 690 High temps

Hi everyone,

temperatures on my 690 have been climbing up in the past few weeks and now they are at 93C under full load (90%+ usage) when playing tomb raider, crysis 3, hitman with everything turned on max quality etc... are these temps normal? should I be worried? I tried cleaning the card however there is barely any dust. I have aurora r4 chassis. All components are running at stock speeds.


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Re: GTX 690 High temps

In Thermal Controller, change PCIe fan to Manual-then-Curve ... get more cool air in the front.

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Re: GTX 690 High temps

What program are you using to check the temps?

That is going a little high, you might want to consider the possibility of re pasting soon, if the system is still under warranty, you can get it serviced, send me a private message with your service tag and contact information, include the link to this thread and I'll set that up for you.

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Re: GTX 690 High temps

I tried to increase the speed of the PCIe fan to about 30%, it helped to reduce the temps by about 5-6C but the pc was too loud for my comfort.

I am using MSI Afterburner to check the temps. The system is completely new bought in august last year. Isn't that too early to change thermal paste? i just thought it would last a bit longer than that. It is still under warranty but I will try to remove the sound card as it might be blocking the air flow, maybe that would help. If not I will get back to you. Thanks

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