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HDMI issues (or why dell, why?!)

Just finally got a look at the x51 r2.

 What an odd thing, There is only one "cover" on the back of the machine and its more like something you would use to keep an unused port covered up.. even has a little line across it that sorta looks like "don't use".

Anyway, in testing, basically if you use the HDMI port on the top of the machine, it runs through the on-board Intel 4000 graphics.  Realizing that's not what we want, I pulled the cover with the help of a screw driver and now we're back to using the gfx card.

Which is kinda funny, since now I envision a bunch of people ordering a "high end gaming machine with a fast graphics card" and are  using the HDMI on the top of the board and then getting <ADMIN NOTE: Substitute character removed as per TOU> frame-rates in most things.

So uh, maybe I'm incorrect and there is actually a reason for the odd cover and HDMI port silliness?

So, that's why I'm posting here -- either someone knows why, or maybe someone will read this and realize they are running off the wrong HDMI port Smiley Wink

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RE: HDMI issues (or why dell, why?!)

Hi Zeerah,

Would you mind sending me a private message with your Service Tag and screenshot of the cover you removed?

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