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[HELP] Alienware 17 Windows 8 x64 Reset to Factory Settings

Hello I have an Alienware 17 laptop with all drives/partitions wiped. I've tried recovery booting through my USB but it said "Recovery partition missing" and without it, it says "OS missing..." 

Should I just buy the windows 8 OS disc at a store and install it?

Or should I go at it by a different means?

Please help ASAP, I am going out to travel and I need this laptop for oversea studies.

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RE: [HELP] Alienware 17 Windows 8 x64 Reset to Factory Settings

I'm guessing it came with Win8-64?

Create Win10-64 ISO on good computer. It should read Win8 key from BIOS or, after install ... you can enter key from sticker (if you have one).

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