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[HELP] Alienware Aurora R4 - Loud fan's noise !

Hi !

I bought my Alienware Aurora nearly a year ago, and since a few months (2 or 3 month) ago my system fan makes a HUGE noise everytime I play a game.

My PC:

Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 -3820 CPU @GHz   / / 16GB Ram  // Seagate 1TB  // NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660

The PC stays quiet when i'm on the internet or on desktop but it's really disturbing on game, I can't hear anything without having my headphone on and it's really annoying for those around me.

My fans on PCI or HDD are around 1100 RPM but the fan's system goes around 3800 RPM when I'm on a game !

Some screenshot - in game

On this one you can see that the fan's system is at 4200 RPM when I'm running Battlefield 3

On this one I used RealTemp to check the temperature of my PC, said it's around 90°C !! How can this be possible ?

I've seen other subject on this forum & other, my problem seems to be known but even if I tried to upgrade the BIOS + uninstall / reinstall the Alienware Command Center (deleting .ath & the profile.xmg) + cleaning my fan it still won't work.

I've seen on the internet that the heat sink might not work as it should be and making the system fan going 100% !

Then i'm having a problem, I'm no good with computer and I don't know what the heat sink is (inside my PC) and what should I do with it... I'm afraid that if the fan's keep up like this it'll break or something and lead on a further and bigger problem.

I'm wondering if you can help me, maybe something I didn't try out yet ? Or should I call the Dell Support, my Alienware is still on guarantee but I don't know if I have to pay any fee or anything if you can highlight me on this it would be great.

I'm French, I'm sorry for my english but it seems the EN community is moving way more faster than the French one.

Thanks in advance,


Edit : I've also tried the Power Draining (unplugging the power then pushing the power button for 30 secs).

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Re: [HELP] Alienware Aurora R4 - Loud fan's noise !



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Re: [HELP] Alienware Aurora R4 - Loud fan's noise !

Hi Mimicmi,

Checkout this thread, one user was able to fix this problem on his own.

If you have an active warranty, I suggest you to contact your local Dell tech support to get the CPU liquid cooling assembly replaced.

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RE: [HELP] Alienware Aurora R4 - Loud fan's noise !


i don't know if this is still an issue but I had to resolve a very similar problem today - my system is more powerful (i7-3930K and GTX-690) and of a similar age, and is an aurora r4. I was seeing the exact same behaviour on the thermal controls.

The fix for me was to go to dell's drivers page, enter my machine number (displayed on the front of my case below the disk drive) and got offered a11 bios update for my current a05 bios. The update itself was a bit harrowing as the reboot failed, but the bios installed and a second reboot got it running. I had to reconfigure my gpu setup and reset the machine date, but other than that it's back to normal and works fine, fans run at about 2500 rpm when playing games now.

Hope that's of help.

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RE: [HELP] Alienware Aurora R4 - Loud fan's noise !

I can pretty much garrentee its the warter cooler on your cpu, the coolent they used in the warter cooler is auwul and congeals into a gel blocking coolant from passing through the heatsink on your cpu. you can resolve this by removeing the water cooler off the cpu. there are lots of screws around the edge that are on black plastic you do not need to remove these. on the metal heatsink there are screws, remove these screws during the removal you will get some of the coolent leaking out so have a towel handy to catch it. once the screws are removed the metal plate will part from the rest of it revealing the heatsink. you will notice the heatsink is likely to have a congealed gell blocking the water passing through. clean up the heatsink being carefull not to damage it ( i used a compressor to blow air though it and this worked well. i also removed all the fluid from the rest of the tank and replased it with OAT antifreeze ( the same stuff you use in cars )) once its all clean refill the tank with coolant and put it back together. When you first turn the pc on the pump maybe a little louder than usual as the air bubbles escape from the pump. this will quiet down after around 30 sec to a min. feel free to contact me if your unsure i could post a youtube vid if it makes it easier. hope this helps Jon   (<ADMIN NOTE: Email id removed per privacy policy>) 

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RE: [HELP] Alienware Aurora R4 - Loud fan's noise !

Well - after almost two years of dealing with this I have lowered the odds of what causes the problem.

In MY system, it seemed random but it wasn't . It was always at a time with a graphic intensive program was running , Game video, CAD.

So , the fault was clearly with the video overheating (sometimes it would go full tilt ROCKET lunch without any reason but THAT I couldn't decipher. Then on an impulse of I'll fix it or destroy It I dug into the rather confusing BIOS and VOILA THIS little item

Enable PCI-E 3.0 was off . (YOU REALLY need to look for it) 

Although DELL does not mention this at all, a zillion complaints float around regarding Chinese motherboards (ASUS) that for reason feel than on 2016 there should be no need for PCI-E 3.0. !

So I enabled PCI Express 3.0 (on the recommendation of an article in Wikipedia .. to ENABLE IT! rebooted  And ... silence. 99% silence . I may hear some fan activity for a few seconds when a high graphic appears but it disappears.

Furthermore, AMD has released a MAJOR update to the drivers for the Radeon HD 7800 Vs 16.xxxxxx and that also has decreased the fan noise . Maybe I hear it once a week for less than a minute but GOD this is great!

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