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HELP! My two USB 3.0 ports doesn't appear

Hi, this is my problem. My computer it is a Alienware x51

I'm always connect my external hard drive and my wacom tablet to the two USB 3.0 ports. I leave my pc turn on while i upload videos to youtube and I usually suspend the pc when it's finished.

What can I do? Please help me.

Some people tells me that maybe the ports burns but i hope not.

In that case, can I upgrade these USB ports?


By the way, this is my Youtube Gameplays' Channel.  https://www.youtube.com/user/mgdavidgm

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Re: HELP! My two USB 3.0 ports doesn't appear

Hi MexDavidx51,

Check out this article:

Alienware: USB devices do not work when plugged to USB 3.0 port 

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