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Header for this site is broken by HTTPS Everywhere.

Login for this site can not be used when Google Chrome Extension HTTPS Everywhere is enabled.   I do not know how the code for the top of this site is shown.  Whether it is Flash or JAVA, I do not know.   I also recently had an issue with the Texas Medicaid site not allowing me to use some of their things, might also be due to HTTPS Everywhere.   ???  I am not creating a login for GitHub to report this problem.   I believe Dell Software Engineers should be able to determine the nature of the problem.   HTTPS Everywhere is a project they probably should support and be helpful with.   

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RE: Header for this site is broken by HTTPS Everywhere.


HTTPS Everywhere is a browser extension. Dell does not have a partnership with the authors of this extension and we do not test it. You can try reporting the issue their extension has on our sites to them directly.

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