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Help: Alienware 13 - Bluetooth - Win 8.1

I am having an issue with my Alienware 13. About once a day, my Bluetooth mouse (MX Master) disconnects, and I have to restart windows for the mouse to work again.

When the mouse disconnects, I have tried to reconnect in the Bluetooth settings, under Win8 Charms - Change PC Settings, but the Bluetooth setting has disappeared. (when i reboot, the settings are back again) 

I am worried that my wifi/bluetooth card might be unstable? Have any of you had similar issues, or do you know any methods for debugging the issue? 

Attached picture of the bluetooth device setup:



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RE: Help: Alienware 13 - Bluetooth - Win 8.1

Have you tried to uninstall and reinstall the Wi-Fi/Bluetooth driver? 

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