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Help Needed to rewire Aurora R1 *Edited*

Hey guys

Need a little bit of help here.

I had previously labelled all of my wire's where each and everyone of them are connected to before removing them and sending them in to a a cable specialist to sleeve them up, hoping to beautify the interior.I had told them specifically to relabel them once the cable are sleeved up.

Unfortunately, some of the idiots at the store forgot do so and thanks to them I am now stuck with a bunch of very nice and neat cable but being able to attach them as I do not know where each and everyone of them go.

I tried to refer back to the service manual for help but it doesn't seems to indicate where each cable goes.

Any suggestions ? Chris ?

Mine machine spec:

Alienware Aurora R1

i7-920 (2.66 Ghz @ 4 Ghz)

12 GB Corsair Vengeance DDR3 1600


WD 1TB Caviar Black x 4


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Re: Help Needed to rewire Aurora R2

If you have a 920 you have an Aurora R1.

Alienware Aurora

i7 920@3.3ghz

ATi 6950 2GB @6970 Full Unlock

6GB Tri-Channel 1333mhz RAM

2x 500GB Barracuda HDD Raid 1

2x 60GB OCZ VERTEX 2 SSD Raid 0



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Re: Help Needed to rewire Aurora R2

Is it ? Oops my bad. Any suggestions in my case ?

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