Help needed. X51 Motherboard swap gone wrong..

Hello folks,

I went ahead with my R1 to R2 motherboard swap today.. things seemed to be going well, swapped out the old board with the i5 - 2320 for the new R2 blue board with an i7- 4790.

First problem is the cable for the USBs wont work with the new board, USB 2 vs USB3, never mind I thought I can do without the front usb's for a while, and come back to that later.

Go ahead and plug into the power. Machine starts up straight away, without touching the power button.

lights on the side panels light up, fan starts up, but no lights on front panel or anything on monitor. power button still powers off.

I check all connections and try again, same result. nothing on monitor.

Im using The HDMI slot on Graphics card, could this be a problem?

Do I need to replace the other board (on the front) so I can plug in the USB 3 cable?

where am I going wrong?

any help gratefully recieved...

PS.. Motherboard and CPU from ebay, Used

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RE: Help needed. X51 Motherboard swap gone wrong..

Sorry forgot pictures..


old one..



Could this plug effect more than just the front USB,s?


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RE: Help needed. X51 Motherboard swap gone wrong..


Hello thehillchild!

We don’t support that kind of modifications so we cannot tell what it’s exactly that you are doing wrong, maybe you can ask on modification forums they might be able to help you. 

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RE: Help needed. X51 Motherboard swap gone wrong..

I did the same upgrade... how long did you wait for a signal to appear on the monitor? leave it on and wait for a while...(could be a minute or 10... does the blue light inside on the mobo flash? if you have a network cable to plug in see if the port lights flash? I had a lot of problems with mine too which we can come to later... did you find the modifiers forum to post to as I should maybe post there too..?
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RE: Help needed. X51 Motherboard swap gone wrong..

Thanks for the reply Wiked,

I didnt wait long, maybe one or two mins.. dint think of waiting longer..but did try multiple times.

I have now reinstalled the original mobo as need to keep the x51 up and running.

If I make the swap again are you confident it will work if I leave it for a few mins? what other problems should I expect, Is your X51 working OK now?


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