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Help with resetting windows 8 desktop


I am having a problem with my windows 8 desktop (DELL Alienware x51). When I turn my computer on everything loads up normally except for when I get to the Microsoft account page nothing appears. The box to put in your password is gone. I am not able to log in. The icon to Sleep, restart and shutdown still remains in the bottom corner. I believe the problem is being caused by my hard drive

I have run an ePSA Pre-boot System Assessment; it passed all of the computers devices (cables, video card, processor, etc.). Though the hard drive took about an hour longer than any other device to pass. It did pass everything though. I have also removed the video card from the chassis and made sure that it was not obstructed in any way

By clicking the power icon from the sign-in screen, holding Shift, and then clicking Restart, several options appear. What do I need to do to reset or wipe my computer (hoping that will fix the problem)?

When I chose the "reset your pc" option it tells me to “insert your windows installation or recovery media to continue”. What is this? Can I get it without logging in? I have another windows 8 laptop if that helps (like I could get the files from that).

Everything on the computer is backed up so it wouldn't be a problem if a solution involved clearing the hard drive

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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RE: Help with resetting windows 8 desktop

I've replied on your other thread here

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