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Hi Guys, slight problem which my "IT Guru" friend made even worse.

So my Alien FX was screwing up. It didn't turn off no matter what. So I had no idea what to do and told one of my friends about it. He googled it and followed through on the instructions online at  .


Then when trying to reinstall the drivers, he reinstalled 2 driver updates automatically (he doesn't remember what they were exactly) and one BIOS related update which was manually installed.


However, problem still persists and worse still, the command centre folders don't exist anymore! From the link above, it can be seen that they ask you to remove all Command Centre related files and folders. So I'm pretty stumped.


He said he'll buy me a beer but I'd rather get my laptop fixed. Honestly though, I'm not so tech savvy. Would appreciate any help or advice.


My laptop is a M14x R2 running Windows 8.1


I tried looking manually for drivers, but didn't find anything related to command centre.

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RE: Hi Guys, slight problem which my "IT Guru" friend made even worse.

We did not release a Windows 8.1 AWCC (Alienware Command Center) for the 2012 M14x-R2. The last we released for that model was for Windows 8 found here. Download/Save it to your Windows desktop. Then run it in Compatibility Mode (Right click the saved file, click the Compatibility tab, choose Compatibility mode, then run/install it) . Post the results.

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