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How do I connect M11X R3 to a HDTV?

I just got this laptop and want to connect it to my HDTV but alas it is not as straight forward as plugging in the HDMI cable and pressing a few buttons. I called tech support and they want to charge me $89 to tell me how to connect something that is suppose to work straight out the box. Needless to say I wont be purchasing from them again. Even after I told the guy that I have followed every instruction I found on the web for setting this up he refused to even check to make sure I was not having a hardware issue, all he was interested in doing was charging me. Does anyone know if there is a special procedure for getting the laptop to output to a HDTV or could I be having a hardware issue. 

PS I have done all the standard things that work for a regular computer and external monitor.

Thanks for any assistance

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