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How do I enable Nvidia Optimus

I recently bought alienware r15. 60hz ips panel one. And I was wondering how I enable Nvidia Optimus

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Re: How do I enable Nvidia Optimus

what do you mean? optimus is automatic.

the intel integrated gpu drives the display panel. nvidia gpu is off by default and does not drive the display.

nvidia gpu only activates when you open supported games or you manually assign it to special program like Adobe suite in nvidia control panel. 


Re: How do I enable Nvidia Optimus

Hi ImQuinzR‌,

Check this article:

Configuring NVIDIA Optimus and AMD Switchable Graphics for High Performance on your Alienware System...  

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Re: How do I enable Nvidia Optimus

If you buy the system for gaming, I suggest you get the 60 Hz G-Sync one or better 120Hz G-Sync. The 60Hz using Optimus is mediocre to me. Screen tearing even with game like CS:GO.

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